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About Us | Mont Belvieu Bible Institute

About Us

The classes offered through Mont Belvieu Bible Institute (MBBI) provide a journey deeper into the wonders of God as taught in the Bible. MBBI is a ministry of Mont Belvieu’s First Baptist Church. While the members of FBCMB are involved in these classes, our prayer is that we can serve the greater Body of Christ in the Barbers Hill community and beyond. Christians of any denominational background, as well as those who are simply curious about the Christian faith, are invited to join us as we learn together from the Bible.

The local church is the hope of the world.

The New Testament is clear: the church is God’s plan during this age for the building of His kingdom. The church is the God-ordained institution given the responsibility and privilege of stewarding the only life-transforming message in the world: the gospel of Jesus Christ. It follows, then, that local churches are the hope of the world.

It is the calling of the church to equip men and women to share the gospel, defend their faith, make disciples, and take the name of Jesus to the ends of the earth. Local churches are called to train up pastors, send out missionaries, and prepare believers from all walks of life to follow Christ wherever He leads.

The church accomplishes these tasks by teaching the Word of God. The Holy Spirit awakens faith, calls individuals to ministry, and motivates believers to endure through God’s Word. For this reason, Mont Belvieu’s First Baptist Church is committed to teaching God’s Word to men and women so that they might grow in their faith, strengthen their churches, and reach the world for Jesus Christ.

It’s not about us.

We believe that faithful churches are not in competition with one another. We who trust in the good new of Jesus Christ and united by our common hope in Him. We stand side by side and should work together to fulfill His great commission. We recognize that stronger members make a stronger body; stronger Christian make a stronger church. We desire to partner with other churches, coming along side them to equip their people to carry out the ministry of their church, taking the name of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.

Journey Deeper

Last year more than 5 million people visited the Grand Canyon. Standing at the edge of that natural wonder, God’s majesty and might is put on display. Yet the sights from the edge are only a small portion of the Canyon’s beauty. Many trails allow hikers to go below the rim, yet less than 5% put forward the time and effort. The wonders of the Grand Canyon parallel the Word of God. At MBBI, we want to help you journey deeper into glorious truths of God’s magnificent Word.